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Welcome to the virtual Ensemble Performance Lab. The actual lab is at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and this site is a remote access point for those interested in the inner workings of musical ensembles. Most ensembles work in a rehearsal format, and in an academic setting those rehearsals allow students to learn and refine traditional protocols in preparation for a career immersed in those protocols as a teacher and/or performer. The lab takes a different approach. We take each of those traditional protocols and deconstruct them to reveal the skills, dispositions, and assumptions that underlie them. Once the rehearsal engine has been taken apart, we figure out how many different ways the components can be reassembled, reengineered, and reimagined to create better (more creative, more vibrant, more inclusive, more interactive) experiences for the musicians and the audiences that support them. As you will learn if you delve into the notes, it is a messy and exuberantly irreverent process. The goal is to equip our students with the inclination and ability to collaborate musically, creatively, and artistically in any setting. 

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