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The ideas that are in play in the lab emerged and evolved gradually over a long span of time. The archives are here for anyone interested in that process. 

The earliest coherent material was completed in 2004. "Influencing Sound: Myths, Metaphors, and Musicianship" is the result of a years-long wrestling match with the practice and pedagogy of conducting. The match continues even as experiments in the lab have redesigned the ring and reimagined the rules. Fundamental concepts including influence, metaphor, and flow are present. Early glimpses of what will become the idea of flocking appear in the magnet simile (Chapter 5: The Connection). The manuscript is intended to be practical and includes exercises and tools for teaching and practicing.

Magnet conductor.png

The next stream of thought is less formal and probably more entertaining. "Musings" is in four parts and was completed in 2009. The inspiration behind the work was a need to make sense of the kaleidoscope of rhetoric that surrounds the role of music in academia. For those who may not have regained consciousness fully from wading through "Influencing Sound," the musings are less text book and more pod cast in nature. Heads up: they are sequential. Although I hadn't met the mouse yet, you may hear his voice behind many of the arguments.


New material on the way: Ithaca 2014

Sure, you've been waiting for this for months. My apologies. It's turning out to be somewhat obnoxious to reformat. I will wrestle it to the ground eventually, but until then head for "The Big Picture."


This next flow of thought is aptly named. "The Big Picture" was completed in four months during the autumn of 2017. Bits of research, theories, experiments, and techniques had been multiplying and drifting around for years. Finally, after considerable random clumping, an accretion disk formed. It may look like a five-part ramble, but if you squint you may recognize the origins of the Lab solar system. The structure is pretty loose, however if you work through it sequentially I have been assured it does make some sense. 

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