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Welcome lab partners! This area of the site is dedicated to sharing pedagogical tools and strategies. The underlying goal is the development of ensembleship. No matter your particular situation, the hope is that you will find something here that is inspiring and/or helpful. If something works well, or if you find a better way by adapting an idea, or if you discover something that doesn't work at all, let us know! The whole point is to learn, to adapt, to experiment, and to improve. Not all ideas are winners, and we'll weed out the obvious duds before they hit the site. To make it here they need to have shown some promise. Also bear in mind that all the materials on the site are elements of an integrated, nontraditional philosophical approach to music performance and teaching. If the mouse and the whale don't speak to you, then the rest of it will probably drive you nuts. If you don't know who they are, head over to the Notebook tab to get oriented. Otherwise, have fun browsing and stay in touch.

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