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The notebook is the repository for the thinking in and about the lab. It is in the building stages and will be for quite some time so check back periodically for updates. When introducing the lab to conductors and teachers we have discovered that most are inclined to jump immediately to the 'how' aspects. This is ultimately frustrating for them as the 'how' is entirely dependent on the 'why' and 'what'. So a word to the wise: begin at the beginning and gradually build up alternating layers of inquiry and understanding. Get to know the characters and eventually they will begin to work with you. And "with you" is the appropriate turn of phrase. They will not work for you, or in spite of you. Everyone who works in the lab is a learner, a novice, a work in progress, including CB. If you'd like to meet the team, head for "The Mouse and the Whale" and have fun exploring the unique, inspiring, and often surprising world in the lab.

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